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How to Make Extra Income, Spend More Time With Your Family, and Have the Freedom to Work Whenever You Want, Wherever You Want

Work Anywhere Summit is currently not open to new visitors. Please go to my personal blog, Ken from LA, to read about the Work Anywhere lifestyle and my road to location independence.

- Ken

Summit Experts:
Real People Sharing Real Experiences

Ryan runs Freedym from his favorite coffee shop 5 minutes from home

Jessica and Will working and home schooling their kids in an RV while exploring all of Europe​

Mamta realizing her dreams on her book tour in Santa Monica, CA

Anh taking an afternoon break from consulting work in Da Nang, Vietnam

Are You Looking Forward To...

    Ellen responding to client emails using mobile wifi while enjoying the beauty of Edmonds, WA

    If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, this summit is for you!

    Get Access to 21 Experts Who Will Teach You Actionable Strategies on How to Kickstart Your Work Anywhere Career

    Meet The Experts

    Get Access to 21 Experts Who Will Teach You Actionable Strategies on How to Kickstart Your Work Anywhere Career

    Learn How You Can Make Income While Enjoying FREEDOM

    Have you been wanting to...

    • have both a career AND a family at the same time?
    • supplement your current income?
    • have the flexibility to set your own work schedule?

    But get lost trying to...

    • find jobs that allow you to work remotely?
    • navigate the vast Internet maze for the right opportunities?
    • figure out how to start your own online business?

    Jennifer and her family sharing a laugh in Hastings, New Zealand         (photo credit to Nichola Dickenson)

    We are living in the age of technology. More and more people are enjoying the flexibility of working online every single day.

    The good news is:

    • You don't need an advanced degree.
    • You don't need to be a techie.
    • You don't need to pay thousands of dollars to learn from a so-called "guru".
    • You don't need to resort to MLM.

    You first need to find your WHY and let go of your CAN'T.

    Add in desire, work ethic, your existing skill set along with the right set of tools from the summit, you will move closer to controlling your own destiny and pursue the life that you've always wanted.

    Nora updating her income generating travel blog from the Caribbean

    Gina's job flexibility allows her to walk her daughter to school

    During the Work Anywhere Summit, we dive deep and how you how our experts have paved the paths that you can follow, saving you months of research and headache.

    There are no gurus. No get rich quick schemes. No fluff. No BS.

    After 5 days, not only will you learn several real world strategies for advancing your current career, you'll never think about work the same way again.

    Q: What is the Work Anywhere Summit?

    A: The Work Anywhere Summit is an online virtual event that will run for 5 days. All registrants will be able to watch every presentation during their allotted time for free.

    Q: Is the summit right for me?

    A: YES! The summit is right for anyone who is thinking about an alternative to the 9 to 5, and pursuing a new lifestyle that allows them the freedom to work from anywhere they choose, whether from home, a coffee shop, or abroad.

    Q: How Do I Attend the summit?

    A: The summit is 100% online! The only thing you need to do is register for it. There are no hotels to book and no flights to board. You can watch all of the sessions from the comforts of home.

    Q: But what if I don't want to travel full time?

    A: Becoming location independent isn't just about working on a remote island somewhere. You can absolutely still live where you are if you want to, without dealing with long commutes or crappy bosses. Imagine being able to spend more time with your spouse and kids, or having the flexibility to go watch a movie on a Tuesday afternoon. Isn't that worth pursuing?

    Q: If the summit is free, what's the catch?

    A: Every single session is absolutely free to watch during its allotted time. If your schedule doesn't allow you to watch all the videos during this time, or if you would like to see replays of ones that you really love, simply invest a few bucks for lifetime access to the videos, mp3's, PDF slides and additional special bonuses.

    Q: This all sounds too good to be true. Can I really work from anywhere?

    A: Many people equate "work from anywhere" with scammy, get your hopes up products sold by gurus who are just looking to take your money. The Work Anywhere Summit is the exact opposite. This summit is filled with real, hard working people just like you and me, who show you exactly how and why they built the lifestyle of their dreams, so you can, too.

    No "disclaimers" here; the speakers are sharing their strategies to help you embark on your own work anywhere journey.


    Greetings! My name is Ken K. Liu and I'm the host of Work Anywhere Summit, the world's best online resource to inspire and help you become location independent.

    I am a former accountant who spent 17 years working in an office with a set schedule, long commute, and few vacation days.

    This time a year ago, I was sitting in my Hollywood apartment, dreading every morning and every night. My girlfriend was half the world away, and my job stress level was through the roof. 

    I knew something had to change.

    Once I dug deep and found my "why", I was ready to make a move.

    My "why" was simple. Spend more quality time with loved ones around the world.

    Once you know your "why", you can work around it. Without your "why", everything else in your life matters less.

    I wanted to spend more time with my aging parents in the US, two nonagenarian grandparents in Taiwan, and girlfriend in Poland.

    And that's what I have been doing in 2017, spending months at a time with each of them, all over the world. I've never felt happier, and my relationship with them has never been stronger.

    When I was conducting research, I found that the information on becoming location independent, especially for a non-technical person, was scattered and inefficient. It fueled my decision to organize the Work Anywhere Summit.

    I invited speakers from all walks of life who have decades of combined experience working from anywhere. From authors to coaches to entrepreneurs, every speaker chose to pursue an alternate route from what is considered normal in our society. 

    They are all living proof that it is possible to live your own lifestyle, and I can't wait to share their lessons with you.

    See you on the inside.

    - Ken

    Get Access to 21 Experts Who Will Teach You Actionable Strategies on How to Kickstart Your Work Anywhere Career

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